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Building a Skilled Cyber Security Workforce in Europe

The demand for cyber security professionals is experiencing an increasing trend in some countries. This report analyses the evolution of the demand for cyber security professionals using recent data from millions of online job postings (OJPs) collected in France, Germany and Poland for the period between January 2018 and June 2023. The analysis delves into employers’ demands, by looking at the most frequently requested characteristics in candidates for a cyber security role. The study shows that key skills sought in cyber security professionals include programming proficiency and familiarity with various software and digital tools across all three countries examined in the report.


The report also explores the available supply of training opportunities in cyber security, zooming in on the landscape of education and training programmes in France and the policies and strategies to enhance the accessibility and relevance of these programmes. It shows that France provides a wide array of non-formal cyber security training for young people and adults, distinct for its practical focus and shorter duration. Offered by a diverse mix of private companies, industry associations, and online platforms, these programmes can last from a few weeks to months, leading to highly-valued certifications. They cover foundational and advanced cyber security topics, aligning with industry standards and certifications. 


One main takeaway is that diversifying cyber security education and training programmes is key to addressing the growing demand for skilled professionals in this rapidly evolving field in France.


Would you like to know more? The full report is available in the OECD library