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DQ Global Standards Microcredentials (GSM): A Global Interoperable Codification of Digital Skills for AI and Sustainability

Digital transformation requires constant upskilling and reskilling of workers to harness its full potential. However, traditional academic institutions, due to their slow bureaucracy and structure, are unable to certify an individual’s skills and competencies. This white paper proposes a codification of digital skills for AI and Sustainability that can also apply to different domains, such as Search for Talent.

The codification is based on an adaptable framework for digital competencies. The 32 skills of the framework are divided in 8 areas:

  • Digital Identity

  • Digital Use

  • Digital Safety

  • Digital Security

  • Digital Emotional Intelligence

  • Digital Communication

  • Digital Literacy

  • Digital Rights

Moreover, these 8 areas are further divided into 3 levels based on the degree to which the individual who’s evaluated has mastered these skills.  

The white paper is structured as follows:

  • The first part introduces the DQ Global Standards (DQGS), a common framework for digital literacy, digital skills, and digital readiness  

  • The second part proposes the DQ Global Standards Microcredentials (GSM), an interoperable codification of skills required for supporting a wide range of training  and educational programs

  • The third part showcases the examples of how DQ GSM can be used in different domains