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Internet in Greece 2023: EKKE survey

In order to provide reliable data for the development of digital policies, the National Centre for Social Research (EKKE) carried out the ‘Internet in Greece’ survey as part of the implementation of the project: ‘World Internet Project Greece (WIP-GR)’ with the support of the Special Secretariat for Long Term Planning/Presidency of the Greek Government.

More specifically, the report analyses the use of the internet in Greece, as well as issues such as skills, the digital divide, the information and entertainment value of the internet, as well as the level of trust of users. It also looks at social media and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, in relation to privacy and the future of work, while the field of research also records the degree of credibility, freedom of expression, political competence, victimisation and violation of privacy. It provides adequate information on the level of knowledge of Greek citizens on basic digital skills.  

For the purposes of the survey, 1.200 interviews, telephone (CATI) and internet (CAWI) were carried out during the autumn/winter period 2022 by filling in a structured questionnaire.

More information on the survey can be found by following the link:

On the National Centre for Social Research:

It is a public research centre focusing on social sciences and hosted by UNESCO. It supports the State in designing and evaluating public policies at national, regional and local level by means of surveys, studies and expert reports geared to raising critical social and political issues in a timely manner. He is a member of the National Alliance for Digital Skills and Jobs.

On World Internet Project Greece

It is an empirical sample survey carried out since 2015 under the World Internet Project (WIP). It is an international partnership of universities and research centres composed of more than 30 countries from different continents.