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#LKDForum 2021 – Book of results

TheLKDF 2021 Forum met virtually on 22 September under the theme “Digital skills for an inclusive future” to discuss how nurturing digital skills in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution will lead to a more inclusive future for all.

At the LKDF Forum, UNIDO, in collaboration with the European Training Foundation and WorldSkills International, hosted a virtual hackathon on 23 and 24 September to promote the theme of the 2020 edition of the LKDF Forum on Green Skills for a Sustainable Future and to generate the best solution for green skills.

The Forum was a distinct opportunity to present a platform for action-oriented debates on possible solutions to reduce the skills gap, bridge the digital skills gap and stimulate future collaborations.

The outcome book of the LKDF Forum presented findings and discussions with officials and statistics on the current and future state of digital skills levels. Many officials spoke about how the COVID-19 pandemic exposed the challenges facing skills development and called on the global community to build on the fourth industrial revolution to achieve an inclusive future of work. TheTalk thematic sessions explored the challenges faced by women and disadvantaged groups in gaining access to digital skills, as well as approaches aimed at addressing digital inclusion. The closing ceremony included a call for action, which underlined the need to ensure that digital skills training is open and accessible to all, and to raise the question of how the international community can help.