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Towards a dynamic Internet of Things ecosystem in the EU

The European Centre of the Internet of Things (EU-IoT) presents an updated overview of the ongoing growth of a sustainable and comprehensive ecosystem for the next generation Internet of Things initiative. The latest report reflects the guiding principle of EU-IoT: that in order to build a dynamic and impactful European ecosystem on the Internet of Things, it is necessary to map and involve all relevant research, innovation and policy initiatives; identification of key market attraction needs and technology stimulation trends; and coordinate and align with a common ambition and plan with all key stakeholders across Europe.

The latest report includes:

  • An updated mapping of different relevant efforts and initiatives.
  • A guidance framework that has been developed to capture expert input, together with the main outcomes of the EU-IoT Expert Group workshops and Advisory Council meetings.
  • A structured presentation of the input gathered from ongoing projects of the European Commission, through the specific sessions of the Coordination Council, highlighting the major trends and priorities that map them within the same framework used together with the Expert Group.
  • A final perspective on how the EU intends to act as a living hub connecting different forces and stakeholders for the development of a dynamic and sustainable European IoT ecosystem.