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Upskilling of the Irish workforce: Follow through high ambitions

Fastrack to IT (FIT) is dedicated to addressing the skills requirements of Ireland’s increasingly digitalised economy, demonstrating that wider access to technological skills training leads to interesting career paths and job opportunities. This research paper explores the potential boost for skills supply that can come from the newest borders to skills development in Ireland – upskilling people already in employment and lifelong learning.

The research focuses on the following issues:

Ireland’s new economic development model presents the direction that has been set for skills development in a new generation of strategies for Ireland’s medium- and long-term economic development.

Efforts to overcome labour market challenges in Ireland analyse Ireland’s performance, in line with international standards, and examine levels of skills loss in the workforce.

• The Changes Still Need in Education approach focuses on the key features of the upper secondary education system in Ireland and the role it plays in anticipating and minimising the waste of skills at a later stage.

The differentiated impact of the COVID-19 pandemic examines the consequences of the pandemic on the Irish workforce and the lessons learned from the previous recovery of the crisis are presented.