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Civil Engineering in Electrotechnical Engineering

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Main content of the course

Electrotechnology is the power of much of today’s breakthrough technologies, from mobile phones to robots and photovoltaic. Our daily lives depend on its success in traffic systems, hospitals, sustainable transport solutions and renewable energy sources. Electrotechnology will continue to be an important part of creating a society far into the future as we strive for more climate-smart approaches and digital development that meet the increasing data requirements.


Teaching takes place in Swedish and at the Royal University of Technology. The training takes place daytime and full speed 100 %.


The training is at basic level.

Pre-training requirements

Basic qualification and Fysik 2, Matematik 4 and Kemi 1 or Fysik B, Matematik E and Kemi A. For each of the subjects a minimum rating of E or Approved is required.

Tuition fee

* EU/EEA citizens do not have to pay fees

  • Diploma: Diploma in civil engineering
  • Academic credits: 300
  • Duration: 5 years
  • Level: Basic level
  • Study file: Full-time, 100 %
  • Teaching time: Daytime
  • Form of education: On campus

Notification takes place

Notification open from 15 March to 17 April


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Target audience

  • Digital skills for ICT professionals and other digital experts.

Digital technology / specialisation

  • Digital skills
  • Software
  • Web Development

Digital skill level

  • Advanced

Geographic Scope - Country

  • Sweden

Industry - Field of Education and Training

  • Information and communication technologies not elsewhere classified

Target language

  • Swedish

Target group

  • High Achievers


Typology of training opportunities

Educational programme

Learning activity

educational programme

Assessment type

  • Blended

Training duration

Multiple years


Full time

Credential offered

Diploma supplement

Self-paced course